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Once your Myanmar holiday starts, it won't take you much time to realize just how right was Rudyard Kipling with his description of Myanmar as 'quite unlike any land you know about'. Crowded buses passing by, old men rolling cigar papers, bloody red juices dripping from grannies' betel-chewing mouths, girls whipping in flies from watermelons with fans, none of these is ever embellished with words or Photoshop software. What you see is what you get for your Myanmar holiday.

Yangon, the former capital of the country, enjoys a long history and importance of the nation's politics, cultures and religion. Years of being isolated and ostracized from the outside world make people in Yangon still more grateful for the life: no traffic jams, no vandalisms, no slummy mess like any other big cities in Asia. Yangon sure is a satisfying answer and fast gateway for people to understand the country in their Myanmar holiday. Shwedagon Paya is so stupendous that it has achieved the landmark of Yangon, and even Myanmar. It's recorded that the pagoda has kept in its reliquary the Buddha's hair relics for over 2500 years. A walk on the Inya Lake bun with lush greenery and cool breeze is an ideal sunset. Thanlyin and Twante, the two cute ancient towns nearby make your Myanmar tour in Yangon even more colorful.

When visiting Mandalay, you're entering the door to Myanmar's culture, art and Buddhism. The once glittering and still stupendous Royal Palace, the Moat, the Mahamuni Buddha Image(Great Sage), the Shwe Kyaung(Golden Monastery) and the Mandalay Hill, see with your own eyes and you'll understand why a Mandalay tour is so nostalgically important for your Myanmar holiday. The attached places to Mandalay, such as Innwa (also known as AVA), Mingun and Amarapura supply your Myanmar tours some extra fun with their impressive monasteries, the Mingun Bell and lush mountainous greenery.

Take a shoot of Myanmar's golden age for your Myanmar holiday album, you cannot miss Bagan. Over 3000 ancient religious monuments in Bagan make it a prime showcase for international visitors. Those Burmese history seekers enter the Bagan Archaeological Zone while imagining how high the civilization was during Myanmar's gold age from 9th to 12th century. A visit to the Mountain Popa will give you a quick glance at Nat – mythical spiritual beings with sad and interesting legends. The mountain houses a picturesque complex of monasteries and pagodas, but save your time here, for the small town Salay is waiting up! Salay is famous for its teakwood monastery. Packed with so many impressive tourism sites, Bagan ensures you a quick but throughout read into the country's golden age during your Myanmar vacation.

Sometimes, nobody can be sure of what draws him to the Inle Lake at the first place. But once you are here, this place will become your precious lifetime memory, not just simply a page in your Myanmar holiday. Quite a few inland lakes in this world have their permanent dwellers, and Inle Lake is one of the minority. It's famous for its scenic beauty, leg-rowers, up-water gardens, floating markets and villages as well as teak monasteries built in the lake where kittens are trained to jump rings by monks. After the Inle Lake, you can stretch your Myanmar tours out to other places in the Shan states, such as the capital city Taunggyi, Pindaya for the cave adventure seekers, holy land Indein, as well as Nyaung Shwe, the home for long-necked Karen girls. With both natural beauty and religious attractions, Inle Lake and other Shan State destinations would be on your Myanmar holiday list.

How can such a giant rock stand so steadily on that steep cliff? Yes, just be amazed by the Golden Rock in Kyaikhtiyo! People are pouring into this site, but soon you will realize it's all worth the hassle. Legend has it that it's due to a Buddha's hair can this gold-leaf rock stay so steadily unmovable during years. Pilgrimage season hits its peak during November to January when the mild winter greets the Myanmar tour visitors with mountain mist and cool breeze. There are several stupas and shrines scattered on the ridge of the top of Mt Kyaikto, and your Myanmar holiday here would sometimes lead to unexpectedly impressive views of the valleys below. Nearby Mawlamyine used to be the main port of British Burma, and yet it's famous for the widely-known the Cave of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

Winding coastline is dotted some lovely beaches, such as the Chaungtha Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach and the Ngapali Beach. They give you some a chance to see what the Myanmar middle class does on vacation in these pretty beaches backed by swaying palms and casuarinas. Different states or divisions have different expressions of beauty. Nobody knows what the Pyay’s spectacled Buddha's possibly thinking about. Mrauk U is like another version of Bagan that nestles in a coastal plain touching the Bay of Bengal. Hill tribes in Kengtung offer a simplistic view of traditional village life. The highest mountain in Myanmar, the snow-capped Khakaborazi, is where you can see an interestingly glaring color contrasts of the ethnics' costumes and the surrounded grey-green forest.

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