4 Benefits of Using Online Travel Service over Local Travel Agent

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Don't know if you noticed it or not, but the age of using online travel service is suddenly here when it comes to coordinating one's travel plan. It is interesting to see travelers' behavior have changed: instead of visiting their trusted local agent, they are now more inclined to book a tour right on the Internet. Why? I guess everything happens for a reason. If you are planning a trip abroad, I can list four benefits of using online travel service, like Odynovo (formerly Odyssey), over the travel agent in your neighborhood.

1. It saves time and money, if that's what you care

Benefits of private tour

I can't praise online business more about how handy they come. Unlike "brick-and-mortar" business, Odynovo is open 24/7, even throughout holidays. You don't have to drive miles or wait until opening hours to reach a travel expert to craft your itinerary, a few clicks and typing will do, and we can make international calls that suit your time. This is especially convenient for parents that are only free when their children go to bed, people who must work in the daytime and who don't have easy access to the nearest tour office. Working with an online travel service provider also prevents the pressure followed a face-to-face conversation. You will have enough time to go over your options and make decisions without someone looming over your shoulder. 

Meanwhile, online travel service doesn't charge any consultancy fees, which you usually have to pay at a physical store for their time and personal service. SmartMoney.com reveals that a sum of $250 is required for some to plan an international trip. Nevertheless, this doesn't apply to online business. Take Odynovo for instance: you send a tour inquiry stating your budget and places that you want to visit, one from our travel consultant team will touch base with a quote and travel advice in less than 24 hours – at no cost! Any change requests would not cost a penny either, until you are entirely satisfied with the tour program and ready to go with us. 

Isn't a $250 saved a $250 earned? 

Travel with Odynovo to Save Time and Money
Tailor-Make My Trip

2. The online guys provide expert insights and a safety net to your trip 

Don't forget that those who sit behind the computer and handle your tour request are real people that travel a lot too - at least it's what it is at Odynovo. We regularly visit the places we advocate to make sure they are still attractive to you. The hotel and restaurant recommendations you get from us are not picked randomly, instead, they are selected out of dozens on several "field inspection". The insider perspective makes Odynovo true expert, the really good travel consultant who adds value to change a typical vacation into a more special experience for her guests. The on-site vetting enables we know how to connect transport, where to go in a city, comfortable accommodation and the best cocktail bar like the back of our hands, all arranged with your interest as well as special requirements. 


You will have someone to turn to should there be questions, such as what to pack or how much things cost. During your trip there will be 24/7 ground support that you simply won't get by booking through the tour office in town. 

The lack of firsthand expertise also dwarfs traditional travel agents, whose knowledge of destinations is merely acquired from fine prints or the web. Though they can book different tours for you, it is unlikely that he or she has been there and being an expert in this place. The proposed itinerary is crucial to a lifetime travel, so let the professional help you see to it. 

3. It's easy to check out what people say about them

While many traditional travel agents don't even have a website, online travel service makes great presence in the Internet, because it is from where people find them and decide whether to place trust or not. It's more than easy to see how the past guests say about an online travel business. In addition to the testimonials posted on their website, TripAdvisor reviews and Facebook reviews are also the reliable sources as business owners don't have control over deleting any of user's posts. Good or bad, travelers like to share their experience that works as useful reference. Paid advertisements are possible, but hundreds would be difficult to make up. You are free to read the reviewers' profile or private message him/her for detailed information. 

Reviews of Odynovo

Thousands of Odynovo guests have left feedback on customer rating and review platforms including FacebookProductReview, TripAdvisor and Trustpilot after they traveled with Odynovo (8,000+ positive reviews so far). This is hard for a traditional travel agent to achieve due to privacy concerns, but more often, the unwillingness to demonstrate negative sentiments. 

4. They can make your multi-destination holiday seamless

You want to make the holidays count by taking a multi-country trip – but wait, the local staff can only arrange one of them because they have no contacts in other places? Too bad! So you have to mingle with two or more travel agents for different destinations at the same time, ending up being dizzy at the tour programs and spending more cash for their separate service. 

If this describes you, online travel service can be a lifesaver. The Internet offers limitless possibilities, and there are very few places in the world that you can't travel when you work with an online tour operator. The seemingly complicated request of doing regional travel especially becomes a simple task for Odynovo, who takes custom tours to more than one continent: Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America… World cruises and vacation packages are also on offer since the recent expanding progress. It will be the same person to plan your multi-country trip and you can always get priceless insider advice from him or her. I have seen some guests booked their cruise voyage with land excursion in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore through Odynovo. All went well without a hitch. 


With the four benefits mentioned above, it has gotten to the point that online travel service provides more values than a traditional travel agent. We provide private tour service for over 15,000 travelers each year, and we know how to turn your longing trip into a memorable experience. Contact us at and let our travel experts make your dream happen. 

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