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Give Your Travel Consultant a "Like" on Facebook

To find out our customers' most favorite Odyssey travel consultant, Indochina Odyssey Tours is running a long-term voting on Facebook along with its sister brand China Odyssey Tours and India Odyssey Tours. "Like" the travel consultant you once worked with and both of you will have the opportunity to win a prize!

A "Like" is very easy for you but could mean a lot for travel consultants since it comes directly from customers. Here at Odyssey, we believe a great trip always starts with a great travel consultant, who’s specialized in planning perfect trips and always right at your side throughout the trip. Your "Like" is highly valued as a recognition to the work and service of your travel consultant. So if you appreciate your travel consultant’s service, just join us and let your consultant know you like his or her service.

Enter to vote: Every two months a "Star of Odyssey Travel Consultants" will come out from voting. In total 7 voters will automatically be entered for a lucky draw. And the prizes remain a secrete. Vote now and stay tuned with us!

Travel Consultants at Indochina Odyssey Tours