Prices You Can Expect to Pay in 12 Popular Asian Cities

Posted on 31 Dec, 2013 Category: Guides,Asia

For travelers, the cost is the pivotal factor for choosing to go somewhere and not the other. To help you decide on your travel plan and find the bargain destination, Odynovo gives a rough cost comparison of an evening out and overnight stay for two people in 12 popular Asian cities within our range of destinations (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, MyanmarIndia, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka ). The lists below, based on our insider knowledge and research in 2013, should be very close, if not deadly right. 

For each city, the total cost listed includes a room for two in a 4-star hotel; dinner for two (two-course and a bottle of red wine); cocktails for two at a 5-star hotel bar in each destination. Many of the cities in the list have very close cost, so do not get too caught up in the order.

As you will see, most of Asia, especially southeast Asia, is incredibly affordable for a trip by international standards. But which might be the least and most expensive tourist destinations for travelers among the twelve cities? We found:

- Hanoi in Vietnam is the probably the least expensive city of the 12, with a total cost of $170.04.

- Hong Kong in China is the probably most expensive city, with a total cost of 281.94 dollars.

- The cheapest average hotel room goes to Bangkok, at $109 per night in a four-star hotel, while at about 2 times the cost, Hong Kong hotels are the most expensive, at $214 per night.

- Most expensive dinner is found in Beijing, where travelers can expect to pay $96 for a dinner for two people.

- The cheapest price of the cocktail is found in Southeast Asian cities like Hanoi and Siem Reap.

Take a look at lists and let us know where you'd most like to head in your next trip by writing to .




Dinner for Two

Cocktails for Two

Total Cost

Hanoi, Vietnam





Kathmandu, Nepal





Luang Prabang, Laos 





Siem Reap, Cambodia 





Bangkok, Thailand





Paro, Bhutan





Yangon, Myanmar 





Mumbai, India





Beijing, China





Taipei, China





Macau, China





Hong Kong, China





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