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Travelers to Thailand Must Carry Cash No Less Than 2000 Bahts

According to a new rule from Thai Immigration Office, any traveler arriving in Thailand are supposed to carry at least 2000 Bahts or equivalent amount of foreign currency (around 61 USD). Immigration officers will make random check in immigration clearance. Those who carry inadequate cash are not allowed to entry the country. The rule applies to any foreigners entering the country, regardless of visa types.

Experts speculate that, the rule is issued in a bid to to boost tourist consumption, improve the quality of visitors, as well as to restrict the number of illegal immigrants. 

There is no limit to the amount of Thai or foreign currency for tourists to bring into Thailand. Upon leaving, each tourist is permitted to take no more than 50, 000 Bahts without special authorization. Any amounts of foreign currencies can be taken out of the country freely.. 

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