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Non Nuoc Beach

Danang has a coastline of 30 km long and is famous for many beautiful seashores, amongst which the most spectacular one is Non Nuoc Beach that voted as one of the most beautiful and attracting beaches of the planet, 2005, according to Forbes, the leading magazine of America.

The beach runs against the Marble Mountain and is bound by Dien Ngoc Sea to the south and Danang to the north. Gentle slopes, mild waves and azure unpolluted sea water are presented to visitors during the four seasons. Being home to a luxurious beach resort complex, the beach perfectly blends natural wonder and manmade relaxation, providing domestic and foreign tourists with a carefree holiday. In here you could enjoy water sports like snorkeling and surfing, an international competition was held here in 1993. Adventurers set up camps, wait for the stunning sunrise over the skyline while beach lovers just lie on the sand or read, basking the best sun beams on earth.

Travelers can combine their journey with touring the historic Cham Museum and the Danang Cathedral, which is famous for its weathercock on top of the steeple. See our 20-Day Thailand, Laos & Vietnam Tour to have a full exploration of Asia!