Cambodia Shopping Tips

Cambodia Shopping Tips

Visitors always want to dig and find the most worthwhile souvenirs before returning home from their Cambodia tours. Indochina Odyssey Tours constantly receives questions from our customers such as where to shop and what to buy in Cambodia. That’s why we put together all the questions and answer them individually to give you the best guide for shopping in Cambodia. 

What to Buy in Cambodia

Khmer Silk

The soft and beautifully designed Khmer silk is sold like hotcakes across the country. There are two kinds of Khmer silks: the old silk made years ago and the new silk produced in nowadays. They share the same quality but not the price. 


Of course, this item is the favorite souvenir in any tourist destination. Bringing home a t-shirt featuring the famous Angkor Wat or other Khmer symbols is kind of cool. Price ranges from $2~5 depending on the quality and where you get it. 


Cambodia has never lacked outstanding artists. You don’t have to go to galleries to get great paintings because the one you find in the streets is also stunning work. It’s also good to support the local artists who don’t have the privilege of specific galleries. 

Handicrafts, Statues, and Gemstones

The Cambodians are endowed with the genuine skill of making handicrafts and the ancient traditions were handed down from generation to generation. Delicate carvings and Buddha statues bas-reliefs (just as those you find at the enclosure of Banteay Srei) are available in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. 

No one would deny the temptation of colored Cambodian gemstones. In Siem Reap, you can see jewelers selling sapphires and rubies. It’s advised to do some homework about gems before you decide to pay. 

Tips for Shopping in Cambodia

1. Russian Market in Phnom Penh is the biggest go-to source for tourist shopping and watching local life unfold.

2. Credit cards are accepted in most large or small retail shops, but a certain amount of cash is still needed for your convenience.

3. Price of goods in local markets or street stands is negotiable but not those in malls. 

4. Bringing a genuine antique out of Cambodia is prohibited and the penalty could be harsh. 

5. There might be some fake goods that resemble authentic local crafts. Check carefully or ask your tour guide for selection.

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