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Ta Keo

The construction of Ta Keo Temple (translated as Mountains of Golden Peaks) began in 975 but it's never finished due to an allegedly lighting strike, which was deemed as bad omen. It's dedicated to Shiva and possibly the first temple to be entirely built of the biggest blocks of sandstone by Khmers.

The five-level pyramid-like temple is located northwest of Ta Prohm Temple and reaches a total height of 40m, making it one of the tallest buildings in Angkor. The first two levels make up the platform of two enclosing courtyards, surrounded by a wall and gallery respectively. The last three levels are massive bases for the sanctuaries.  

Ta Keo is barely decorated. Some state that the peculiar sandstone materials are difficult to carve, but the fine carvings around the base of the sanctuaries contradict that. Since the temple is practically undecorated in appearance, visitors who have the site in their Cambodia trip had better come here in the morning when the light is still mellow and soft. There's a gallery has no entrance, so it was assumedly constructed for appearance only. Yet the windows of it are beautiful to look at from the interior. You can also climb up to the pyramid and have a good view of the surrounding scenery.

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