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Phimeanakas is a pyramid-like Hindu temple built in the end of the 10th century in Angkor, Cambodia. Meaning 'celestial temple', it has three tires and reaches a height of around 40 meters including platform and gallery on top.

Compared to Baphuon Temple, it's a rather small temple, but there're still a lot worth a visit. Located west of the Elephants Terrace, Phimeanakas is surrounded by 600-meter-long walls made from laterite. The east gate of the five is the most important, which only the king and his people could access to enter the temple while the north gate was designed to transport everything through. There are also two bath pools for female and male respectively. A gold tower where legend says the king had to spend the night time with a serpent spirit with nine heads, Naga, otherwise calamity would fall upon his nation.

Terrace of the Leper King is just a few minutes' walk from Phimeanakas. Trek further to the Angkor Thom if you have enough time. Nearby, the sunset over Bakheng Hill is amazing. Simply contact us for a tour to Phimeanakas, no regret.

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