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Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm Temple is a Bayon-style temple located east of Angkor Thom and southwest of the East Baray. Built through the period of 12th and 13th century by the King Jayavarman VII, it was dedicated to his mother, a Buddhist follower.

French discovered this amazing temple in the late 19th century and decided not to restore it in full-scale for giant trees like silk tree and ficus merged so tightly with the ancient walls that they became a whole. The moment you enter it, you know that Angkor Wat is not the only thing to see in your Cambodia trip. The temple is shrouded in dense jungle. Some trees are as wide as an oak tree, whose vines cut giant stones in two and scatter over the temple complex, making an imposing scene. Branches and leaves intertwine to form a roof over the ancient walls and terraces, pillars are also twist by trunks of trees.

The temple is exceptionally beautiful in the early morning. You'd better follow our guide with a torch in case get lost in some narrow dark area of the temple. Go check the Central Sanctuary, where Angeline Jolie had her impressive Tomb Raider scene shot. There're 39 towers connected by various galleries, which are no longer allowed to climb due to potential dangers.

UNESCO inscribed this site on the World Heritage list in 1992. In the region there're other ancient masterpieces to look at: Phimeanakas, Banteay Samre, Prasat Kravan, Beng Mealea, etc.. An 8-Day Best of Cambodia will take you on a full Cambodia excursion.