Tonle Sap Lake

Near Angkor Wat, Tonle Sap Lake, the Great Lake, is the largest freshwater in South Eastasia and one of the richest fishing lakes in the world. Its size and dimension change as the seasons go by during the dry season it's only 1m deep with a size of 2,800km², while in the rainy season it gets as large as15,000km² and 8m deep. The lake provides the best shelter for more than 300 kinds of fish to spawn and breed. Other species like snakes, tortoises, and crocodiles also inhabit here, making the lake a paradise of biodiversities.

The lake is located south of Siem Reap town. Along it, there is a floating village comprised of schools, shops, churches, and even farms. It is home to a large Vietnamese and Cham community, who have adapted by living to the change of the lake: they are more houses away when the water level goes down to somewhere there's enough high water to support floating.

Taking a local longtail boat across Tonle Sap Lake is a must-do for visitors. On the bank, all life proceeds around water. Since the land road is not convenient for transporting, the lake has become a commercial center. People carry on their daily grounds at the bank, the sunset view is beyond beautiful, and the lake seems to murmur a secret story.

You might be also interested in other Cambodia highlights like the world-famed Angkor Thom, the sacred Banteay Srei, and the ancient Ta Keo Temple.

Being a hub for transnational flights, Siem Reap readily offers you quick access to its joining counties. Let this itinerary take you further.

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