10 Best Things to Do in Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful tropical country with an abundance of natural resources. There is beautiful scenery, grand palaces and temples, a rich history and culture, and artistic creations. The unique cuisine of Cambodia, which combines the flavors of many different nations, is another aspect that attracts tourists. The local villages are tranquil and rich in Khmer culture. That indicates that you have many intriguing things to do on your trip to Cambodia, and this article will show you the top 10.

Observe the Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Numerous sunrise enthusiasts travel great distances to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. A UNESCO World Heritage monument, Angkor Wat is regarded as a significant representation of the Khmer and Cambodian peoples. Its spectacular structures and lofty palm groves look quite beautiful in the sun's rays in the morning. The best place to watch the sunrise is from the reflecting pond in front of the main temple. Many tourists come here to take pictures of the Angkor Wat temple at sunrise and its reflection in the pond because they are so lovely. But since there are frequently a lot of people present, Bakheng Hill and the entrance to Angkor Wat are excellent options if you want to take this moment in peace.

Angkor WatAngkor Wat

Visit the Beaches on the Island of Koh Rong

White sand beaches, warm, clear water, and tropical flora characterize the quiet and lovely Koh Rong Island environment. Enjoy the warm weather, a beach that front the open ocean, and the tranquility of your gorgeous surroundings. You can walk down the beach for a very long time because it is so big. Snorkeling is another popular project on Koh Rong, and Lazy Beach is an excellent snorkeling location on the island. Lazy Beach, like many other sandy beaches on the island, requires a trek through dense jungle. The sand is soft and delicate, and the water is clear. The best snorkeling location is at the beach's end. You can see the beautiful tropical fish as they shuttle between the colorful coral; snorkeling in the exotic scenery will provide you with a unique experience. After snorkeling, enjoy the colorful sunset at Lazy Beach; the seaside sunset is always so beautiful that it's worth stopping for.

Enroll in a Class Teaching Cambodian Cuisine

In Cambodia, attending a cooking class is also a popular experience. The classes will be held in restaurants and local homes, and you will only need half a day to enjoy the fun of Cambodian cooking. Learning to cook local foods is also a great way to learn about the culture of the area. It will be interesting to learn how to prepare Cambodian food because this cuisine uses fermentation and seasoning with spices in addition to cooking. You will discover in class that Cambodian cuisine mixes elements of Indian, Chinese, and French cuisine, making it highly rich and featuring fruit, pasta, shellfish, and even numerous edible flowers.

Cambodia CuisineCambodia Cuisine

Visit Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary to See Uncommon Water Birds

The Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary is rich in bird resources and serves as a nesting habitat for some of the most endangered large water birds in the world. The greatest time to observe birds is during the dry season, when you may see black-headed ibis, painted ibis, big and little adjutants, and other birds. You can also admire the birds' graceful stance and exquisite feathers. The Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary provides a serene setting where you may learn more about their way of life, including feeding, residing, breeding, and more. The experience must have been quite interesting.

Explore the Secluded Preah Vihear Temples

Shiva is worshipped at Preah Vihear, a Hindu temple in Khmer. Although its ownership is disputed by Thailand and Cambodia, the International Court of Justice of the United Nations declared it to belong to Cambodia in 2013. Preah Vihear is a significant aesthetic achievement since it is one of the largest and most representative stone palace complexes of the Khmer era. What makes Preah Vihear unique is the exquisite workmanship of the stone carving and the fact that the beauty of the stone carving in Preah Vihear complements the surrounding natural environment. From Preah Vihear, which stands 525 meters above sea level, you can see the stunning northern plains of Cambodia.

Enjoy a Performance of Apsara Dance

Traditional dance of Cambodia's royal court and an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the World, the Apsara dance. The dancers in the Apsara dance show dress in ornate costumes and headpieces. The Apsara dance closely resembles Khmer culture in both motions and content. The Apsara dance is one way that Cambodians express their gratitude and amazement for nature and their hope for peace and prosperity. There are numerous eateries where you may see an Apsara dance performance. These eateries typically provide free Apsara dancing performances. You shouldn't let them slip by.

Learn About History at the Choeng Ek Memorial and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, a crucial educational and memorial location for Cambodians, is a must-see for history buffs. Numerous historical sites and thorough records of the details and photographs of victims are kept by the Tuol Sleng Museum and serve as damning proof of the Khmer Rouge's ruthless dictatorship. In the Khmer Rouge era, Choeng Ek Memorial was also used as a killing field. A well-known destination here is a 17-story glass stupa that sits in the middle of the area. It is a powerful reminder of history, of our desire for peace, and of our aversion to violence.

Choeng Ek MemorialChoeng Ek Memorial

Visit the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

The palace in Phnom Penh is quite beautiful and combines French colonial and Khmer styles. The silver pagoda on the south side of the royal structure and the central golden pagoda are its most prominent features. In addition, it serves as a location for court ceremonies and the reception of foreign dignitaries. A variety of national treasure Buddhas and carvings may be seen, while palace structures designed in the Khmer style rest peacefully within lovely tropical gardens. Visitors must adhere to the dress code and refrain from exposing skin below the shoulders or below the knees.

Visit the Mekong by Boat

From ancient to present times, the river has fostered a variety of cultures, and traveling along the Mekong River is another method to learn about Asian civilizations. Explore beautiful jungles, and take in the curiously shaped rock formations you come across. Along the route, you can see temples, enjoy Cambodian water markets, take in the beauty of lush plantations in typical Mekong River villages, and purchase some local handicrafts. Exploring Cambodia along the Mekong River is worthwhile, which is a leisurely way for you to learn more about Cambodia.

Explore the Floating Communities on Tonle Lake

Tonle Lake, Southeast Asia's largest freshwater lake, has an impact on the ecosystem in the area. Tonle Lake's well-known floating villages exhibit the wisdom of the area's Vietnamese immigrants. Vietnamese immigrants made the wise decision to build their settlements on the water using bamboo because Cambodian law says migrants cannot own land. Houses in The floating villages are made of bamboo fixed to the water's bottom. All the buildings here are floating on the water, even the gardens and the cemetery, which look magical. The local people live and produce here. They fish and shrimp here and work hard. It's a great place to learn about their unique lifestyle. You can directly purchase handicrafts made by the locals if you wish to help them improve their lives.

Floating Communities on Tonle LakeFloating Communities on Tonle Lake

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