24 Things You'll Love about Vientiane

When speaking of Laos, draw your attention from the tourist hub Luang Prabang and look at Vientiane instead, for the capital is a paradise by any standard at any rate. 

1. Vientiane has a surreal and quirky Buddha Park where around 200 Buddhist and menacing religious images were built in place back in 1958. 

Buddha Park in Vientiane

2. Of course there are normal ones to look at, like That Luang, an enormous pyramid whose top is covered with gold leaf weighing approximately 1,000 pounds. 

That Luang Stupa in Vientiane

3. And Lao people ingeniously construct beautiful houses on stilts. 

Houses on stilts in Vientiane

4. You will be amazed by how gifted they are in choosing colors. 

Beautifully colored buildings in Vientiane

5. And their generosity in covering temples in gold makes you jealous. 

Golden temples in Vientiane

6. Vientiane is an animal-friendly city. 

Animal-friendly Vientiane

7. And its people really, really love elephant. (Tips: Vientiane is rendered as "city of sandalwood") 

People of Vientiane love elephants.

8. Vientiane is more than temple-hopping. This once-undeveloped city is getting a vibe of fashion.

Vientiane is is getting a vibe of fashion.

9. People here are friendly and passionate. 

People in Vientiane are friendly.

10. And they know how to move their bodies. 

People of Vientiane love sports.

11. You can be romantic to your love with the help of an exotic flower. 

Exotic flowers in Vientiane

12. Or hunt for souvenir items at the coastal market, where the vendors would not treat you like a walking-ATM. (Useful shopping tips

Coastal market in Vientiane

13. Exercise never die in Vientiane. 

Exercise never dies in Vientiane

14. Nor does the spirit of football. 

People of Vientiane love football.

15. You can find the long lost cousin of the Paris Arc de Triomphe decorated in Laotian style. The monument was built to commemorate those who fought in the struggle for independence from France. 

The Arc de Triomphe of Vientiane

16. Even a typical children's playground is a lovely site to visit. 

A children’s playground in Vientiane

17. Not to mention the fabulous sunset view over roofs from the terrace of your hotel. 

Fabulous sunset view over roofs from the terrace of an hotel in Vientiane

18. When the night arrives, foods are ready. 

Food scene in Vientiane

19. Don't forget the local brewer Beer Lao before you regret didn't try it.

Beerlao, Vientiane

20. Then hop in a herbal spa shop to calm your wanderlust soul. 

A herbal spa shop in Vientiane

21. You mistakenly think you're in Singapore when walking in the clean streets. 

Clean streets, Vientiane

22. If you got caught by the monsoon, just stay a while at a small cozy restaurant. (Check out more about the climate.) 

Vientiane in the rain

23. When the rain is done, the blacktop is outrageously even more shining than before. 

 An blacktop in Vientiane

24. Vientiane gives you the chance to practice the English proverb: Early to bed and early to rise makes an man healthy, wealthy and wise. 

Peaceful night at Vientiane

All in all, Vientiane is where you can find quiet, peace and joie de vivre. Do NOT miss it. Take a 10-day in-depth Laos Tour to discover other beautiful facades of Vientiane that I haven't covered in this post.

I heart Vientiane, we heart vientiane

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