The Wat Visoun is the oldest operating temple in Luang Prabang. It is also known as Wat Wisunarat, named after the King Wisunarat who ordered the construction of the wat in 1513.

Stupa of Great Lotus

The main attraction of the Wat Visoun is the Stupa of Great Lotus built in the 16th century. The 34.5 meters high stupa features Sinhalese style, the only one of its kind in Laos. The stupa is also referred by locals as Watermelon Stupa for its dome resembling a watermelon. Its interior was once filled with small Buddha images made of precious materials and other sacred items, many of which were stolen or destroyed during the Black Haw raid. Some of the remaining Buddha images are preserved in the Royal Palace Museum and others are housed displayed in the sim of the temple.

The Sim (Ordination Hall)

The sim of Wat Visoun is a brick structure with wooden doors decorated with carvings depicting the Hindu Gods Vishnu, Brahma, Indra and Shiva on his mount, the bull Nandi. Inside the large sim is an altar with a large seated Buddha image surrounded by many standing images. The outer wall of the sim is surrounded by an array of standing Buddha images in a posture of "Calling for Rain".

This sample itinerary provides a chance to visit the Wat Visoun as well as other top attractions in Luang Prabang, such as Wat Xieng Thong, Wat Aham, Royal Palace Museum

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