Laos Tourist Attractions

Laos Tourist Attractions

Top things to do & see in Laos

One magic about Laos is that you can find quite a lot of things to do & see in this small land. Luang Prabang is the No.1 must-go for any tour to Laos - the entire town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the perfect manifestation of Lao history and culture. Other than it, you can also savor the seamless blend of kaleidoscopic temples and colonial architecture in Vientiane, enjoy the stunning sunset and pure simplicity of island life on the Si Phan Don, or just throw yourself into the exciting adventure and ubiquitous music and Beer Lao in Vang Vieng… Just make sure you set aside enough days and energy for your exploration of Laos. 

Sorted by cities, you can easily find more about things to do & see in Laos, or just spare all the troubles and let your travel consultant tailor-make a Laos itinerary exactly according to your interest.

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