Vientiane Travel Guide

Vientiane Travel Guide

Standing beside the Mekong River, Vientiane borders Thailand. This capital city of Laos has a certain charm: it's a city of colonial style, in which plenty of Soviet, Chinese, and French buildings are scattered around the city town; it's a city overflowing with vigor, in which boulevards lined with areca palms, coco palms, and locust trees; it's a city of health conscious, in which a great many massage and spa centers, yoga training classes and juice bars will attract your attention.

Vientiane is home to some of Lao's most famed temples, among which Pha That Luang is a must-see. This svelte and golden stupa is the most important national monument as well as a symbol of the Buddhist region in Laos. But beyond that, you might cycle around the city, stroll on the riverside and watch a magnificent sunset view over the Mekong River. Once you leave, you'll miss this place more than you expect.

Top Attractions in Vientiane

That Luang Stupa

The Pha That Luang, meaning "Great Sacred Stupa", is the most sacred monument of Laos and the national symbol. You find it on the national seal, Lao currency, and countless other places. If you visit the capital, the Pha Thai Luang is a must-see.

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