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Laos Weather

Laos Weather & Climate

The altitude that Laos is in affects much of the country’s weather by reducing its average temperatures. Due to the monsoon cycles, the weather of Laos is divided into two straightforward seasons: dry season and wet season. 

The dry season begins in November to April when the sun is shinning brightly with an average not-too-hot temperature of 17~29°C. Sometimes between February and April it can reach above 32 °C with cool air. 

Thanks to the monsoon, the wet season runs from May to October with a temperature of 23~30°C. As with many other Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Thailand, etc.), Laos in this season is embraced with a rainfall or downpour for a few hours each day. It is humid and hot, especially areas in the Mekong River valley.

Best Time to Visit Laos

The optimal time to visit Laos is between November and February, which is within the dry season. Rainfall is the lowest of year and the sky is clear to take pictures. Major national and regional festivals take place during the period, so you may catch up with some fun. Site note: this is also the favorite time for other visitors both from at home and abroad swamp to Laos’ attractions

As to what clothes to pack, if you are going to have mountain experience, warmer clothes would be helpful. Loose cotton fabrics are for all year around, while a jumper or fleece is needed in the evening. Temple-hopping in Luang Prabang requires a pair of comfortable sneakers. A raincoat or umbrella is what you hope you should have brought when you are in town during the monsoons. 

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