Getting to Myanmar

By Flight

There are very few international flights to Myanmar. Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur are the best connection from around the world to get into Myanmaryou’re your tour begins in China, you can catch a weekly flight from Kunming to Yangon, whose international airport is the main entry of the country, while a Thursday flight from Chiang Mai to Mandalay is an exception. It’s recommended travel via Bangkok to string up a seamless Indochina tour just this tour suggests: 31-Day Panoramic Southeast Asia

By Land

There are three Thai and Myanmar border crossing for visitors to reach Myanmar: Mai Sai, Mai Sot, and Ranong. It’s possible to get a visa-free entry, but extra paperwork and an entry fee around 10 dollars are needed. 

Getting Around Myanmar

By Flight

Since the road of Myanmar is in poor condition, flying is the most comfortable choice for travelers. When booking domestic air travel, be patient to the time it needs to take and confirm your flight 24 hours ahead. Indochina Odyssey Tours will be able to help you with the distraught booking procedure, which can be done by simply contacting us

By Train

It’s always not suggested take train to travel in Myanmar for the frequent delays, slow speed, poor service and terrible sanitary condition of the toilets. Oftentimes foreign visitors are even overcharged. 

By Car

A hired private van is your best transportation when you want to tour independently. Consider using the professional driving team at Indochina Odyssey Tours, which hires only licensed drivers who are all expected to be well dressed and non-smoking. Your vehicle in each destination is air conditioned, insured, clean, and regularly maintained. 

By Pickup Truck

It’s the Myanmar-style tuk-tuk that is usually converted into a canvas with benches on the rear. Since taxi could be expensive to hail, the inexpensive fare of pickup attracts mainly the locals and monks for short distance commute. For those who go off the beaten track, pickup is a nice choice to experience the real lifestyle of Myanmar people. 

Visiting Myanmar is just a few clicks away by contacting us for a custom Indochina tour.

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