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Myanmar Weather & Climate

It's not shocking at all to crush into burning sunshine at 5 am. The year-round high temperature is an icon of Myanmar. As with many Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar has two distinct seasons, the dry and the wet. The dry season starts from October to May when it is cool at night and in some places of high altitude. The wet season runs from May through September, which is when the monsoon arrives and gives the country a heavy downpour.

Temperature varies within each season. The golden rule is that it's always cooler in the foothills and lakes than in the seaside and the lowlands. The hottest season, during March and June, reaches over 40°C with high humidity. When the monsoon starts to blow, roads to rural areas are inaccessible, thus being a buzz killer of your Myanmar tours and adding the need to take a raincoat or an umbrella. In November, the monsoon tails off, the air becomes cooler, cozy breezes are felt, and the skies are clearer.

Ngapali Beach, MyanmarNgapali Beach, Myanmar

Best Time to Visit Myanmar

Between November and February is the best time to visit Myanmar, for it rains the least and the temperature is not too hot (27°C average temperature). However, it's also the peak season for tourists. So you can imagine the hard booking of available accommodation. Considering October instead may bring you an unexpectedly satisfying trip - the weather at that time is still good and cooler from the heat of summertime with less crowded flocks of tourists. One can even make a perfect tan in coastal regions!

As to what to pack, it's often advised to bring a jumper or fleece for the evenings all year round.

A full moon is when traditional festivals take place. Take it into consideration when timing your trip.

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