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A New 'Landmark' Street Food Market in Bangkok Is On the Way

Strolling around Bangkok, you can find vendors standing at every street corner of busy areas. Some vendors congregate in one area, which means you have plenty options to choose from at the same place. Some even open around the clock. However, such situation also leads to negative consequence when it comes to city outlook and it has become a vexing problem for the policymakers.

Recently, it is said that the Thai and international press consider issuing a statement that ban the vendors from selling food on the street in order to keep the city clean and these people have to move out of the street as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a new 'landmark' food street is about to be built in Bangkok, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

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vendors on the street of BangkokVendors are on the noisy, busy street.

The new food street will become a landmark market in Bangkok which can hold more than 200 vendors at the same time. The food street will be in well-regulated aiming at providing a better, cleaner environment for people both locally and internationally. Near the new food street, a parking lot will also be constructed for local citizens and travelers' convenience. Furthermore, the government will make efforts to improve the standards of hygiene and demand all stores to have food safety certifications.

Government officials are gearing up for the preparatory work for the new food street to make sure it will function in order. Up to now, the specific location of the new food street has yet to be opened to the public. One thing for sure is that it'll make a brand new impression on customers, injecting new vigor and vitality into Bangkok and attracting many more travelers.