Abandoned Water Park in Vietnam Becomes Hot Attraction

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Mottled rides, broken glass, decadent walls and weedy corner - this doesn't sound like a typical tourist attraction, but explorers are longing for a place like this.

Just located in Huong Thuy town of Hue, central Vietnam, Ho Thuy Tien is an abandoned water park. The 63.38-hectare park cost about 3 million US dollars to build, but was reportedly half finished and completely abandoned in 2004, leaving nature to take over. Now, it becomes a ghost park in the jungle, strange, deserted and creepy, but a "must go" attraction.

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Abandoned water park in Vietnam becomes hot attractionThe Ho Thuy Tien water park is now an overgrown ghost park in the jungle

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by the water park's features - a huge dragon statue, which is now covered in rust and peeling paint. But it still remains commanding. Its huge mouth and jagged teeth can be seen on the other side of the lake. Besides, the dragon's body forms a staircase and visitors can walk up and enjoy the stunning view from behind its teeth.

The plants have grown all around the slides, palm trees grow through their spirals and the pools are filled with green algae and dead leaves. Depleted buildings can be seen here and there. Everything left just as it was. The atmosphere will absolutely make you thrilled. This abandoned park used to be home to some unlucky crocodiles, which were forgotten after the owner left.

"The whole park looks like a crashed spacecraft, and it resembles an extraterrestrial spaceman just sitting in the middle of a gleaming man-made lake, enjoying a comfortable life on earth. It is so exciting. I also fed the abandoned crocodiles while I was exploring in the park. I strongly recommend this attraction to you. You will have great fun here," said Courtney Lambert, an explorer from Florida.

It is said that the Vietnamese government has moved the abandoned crocodiles to a wildlife park in Northern Vietnam, just after the explorer Lambert writing to PETA and WWF about the tough situation, which the crocodiles experienced. So, you will not find them in the park for sure.

And now, this creepy water park is known by more and more people. The process of exploring is definitely fascinating. If you are bold enough and have a good sense of direction, just come and challenge this mysterious world, you will never forget the experience here in your lifetime.

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