Customers of IOT Donated More Than 20 Pump Wells in Angkor Rural Areas

It could be hard to those who live in developed cities to imagine that some people in the world still have no access to clean drinking water, but it’s a fact in many corners of the world. Indochina Odyssey Tours (IOT for short), a sub-brand of Odynovo, has seen this in Cambodia, one of the countries we lead tours to.

After being shocked by the poverty and poor life caused by lack of clean portable water in rural areas of Angkor, we decided to take action to help those poor villagers as part of our commitment to responsible travel. Our boss Michael Zhou donated money to construct a pump well in one village. In addition, our vision to help the villagers is met by our customers, many of whom have volunteered to donate money to construct pump wells in the villages. Since 2010, more than 20 pump wells have been built with the donations of our customers. 

The pump well donated by IOT

Now more and more people have been engaged in construction of pump wells in Cambodia and made their own contributions, which take many shapes of forms. It could be a simple act of sharing this article and letting more people know about this issue. If you have the chance to visit these villages in Angkor and want to do more, our tour guide will be glad to assist you to realize it.

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