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Hanoi to Relocate Local Residents Out of the Old Quarter

According to a recent announcement from Hanoi authority in Vietnam, local residents of the Old Quarter will be relocated to a new urban area for the preservation of historical sites, temples, and old mansions of special value in the area.

The storied Old Quarter is considered the historic heart of Hanoi and is a major lure for tourists. It is an area known as 36 Streets. In the 13th century, skilled craftsmen of 36 guilds migrated to the area and each established a different street named after the traditional product was sold there. Today tourists come here for the history, culture, diversity of products and even daily life scene of local residents.

Currently, there are some 6,500 households residing in the Old Quarter and many are now living in cramped houses, narrow alleys and crumbling infrastructure. The relocation will surely reduce the population density of the area.

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