As a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO in 1999, Hoi An Town has now become one of Vietnam's Cooking Arts Capitals, honored by the World Association of Chefs Societies. And Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) are also seen as Vietnam's food Capitals.

On February 24, the government announced this information at a news conference about the second Hoi An International Food Festival on its website. The festival will be held at the end of March, and chefs from the World Association of Chefs Societies will participate. At the beginning of the Festival, Thomas Andreas Gugler, the president of the World Association of Chefs Societies will award the certificate of honor to Hoi An as Vietnam's Capital of Culinary Arts and Cuisine.

Last year, it became known as a "global food paradise" based on Lonely Planet's commendation.

Food is an important part of Vietnamese culture. When you walk on Vietnamese streets, you'll find markets and food vendors everywhere. Known as a "food paradise", Hoi An is a cooking hot spot with Vietnamese local delicacies. Tourists can't leave Hoi An without trying the local foods like the signature dish Cao Lau, a dark pork broth with yellow noodles, or Chicken Rice made from fluffy rice mixed with chicken in small pieces. Other must-have foods include Quang Noodle and White Rose, a type of shrimp dumpling shaped like a rose.

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