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Hoi An Offers Seabed Walking to Tourists

Hoi An, one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam, is known for its well-preserved culture and heritage, which attracts a lot of tourists each year. From now on, a latest tourist experience - seabed walking can be enjoyed in this old city.

Find the charm of ancient Hoi An during your trip in Vietnam

Seabed walking was firstly launched in Nha Trang city last year, and then it quickly became a highlight attraction and captured many people's attention. Following the success, this water activity is now available at Cham Island, a beach paradise about 15km directly offshore from Hoi An.

This tour starts at a depth of 15 to 20 meters under the sea and lasts about 20 minutes. By wearing a helmet for oxygen supply, tourists can explore the underwater wonderland, which is full of sea creatures, with the company of licensed guides. Elderly people, kids, and those who cannot swim are all eligible and welcomed to enjoy the fantastic experience.

Cham Island was recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2009 and welcomes over 50,000 tourists every year. If there is plenty of time left when you finish sightseeing in Hoi An, take it to the Cham Island and experience a unique seabed walking!

Floating Basket BoatBesides seabed walking, floating basket boat is also a popular water activity in Hoi An.