Hue Festival 2014 to be Celebrated on 12-20 April

Posted on 08 Apr, 2014 Category: Travel News,Vietnam,Festivals

The Hue Festival 2014 will be celebrated on 12-20 April in Hue City, Vietnam. Held every two years since 2000, Hue Festival is a grand cultural pageantry held to show its abundant cultures.

During the 9-day festival, plenty of events and activities will be held, along with many wonderful art and culture performances such as traditional dance, drama, calligraphy exhibitions, etc. A very popular activity, Kite Flying, will also be carried out. With complex-shaped and well-designed kites flying in the sky, the Hue City looks more beautiful and cheerful. The firework show taking place in the evening is the much-anticipated activities. With colorful fireworks blooming in the sky, a sense of happiness wells up. 

Besides, Hue royal court music and Hue folk songs will be performed, providing a great opportunity for visitors to learn about its traditional art and culture. During this time, some people will go to temples and make offerings, and also enjoy wonderful traditional dance there. 

Millions of tourists are attracted to visit Hue City during the festival to have a memorable cultural experience.

 Main Program of the Hue Festival 2014


Date & Time

 Grand Opening Ceremony

 8:00 pm on 12 April

 "Imperial Night" spectacles (with royal banquets)

 Evenings of 15 & 19 April

 "Ao dai" Grand Shows

 8:00 pm on 14 & 17 April

 The exclusive spectacles honoring Hue folk music

 8:00 pm on 16 April

 "Oriental Night" costume shows

 13, 15, 16 & 18 April

 Lighting the Truong Tien Bridge

 18 & 20 April

 Street arts performances themed "Heritages and Cultural  Colours"

 Every afternoon during the  festival

 Closing Ceremony

 8:00 pm on 20 April

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