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Indonesian Visa Fee Finally Removed for Australian Tourists

Australians have been granted free entry into Indonesia finally! With the visa fee of $35 waived, Australian passport holders now can go to Indonesia free of visa charge for a travel up to 30 days. But those who wish to stay more than 30 days or to conduct "journalistic activities" are still required to apply for a visa.

Scenery of a seaside hotel on Bali

The beautiful scenery at a seaside hotel on Bali, Indonesia. 

Previously, Australia was already nominated more than once as one of the countries granted visa-free entry, but all flipped back not long after. In March, the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, has officially signed a decree that allows 79 more countries, including Australia, on a list of 169 countries with visa exemptions.

The Indonesian government is making tourism a key economic priority. By allowing Australians to enter without visa fees, Indonesia is estimated to collect a $239 million annual tourism income into the economy. "Indonesia's decision to add Australia to the list of countries of visa-free is smart and timely," said Indonesian Ambassador Paul Grigson. Given that the government aims to attract no less than 20 million foreign tourists to the country over the next five years, the visa-free policy is no doubt a part of a plan to develop local tourism and a benefit to Australian travelers.

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