Thai Cabinet Ended the State of Emergency on 19 March

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On 19 March 2014, the Thai Cabinet put an end to the state of emergency which has imposed on Bangkok and several other provinces and districts in Thailand for 60 days since 22 January 2014. Now, things are quickly returning to normal and travelers can travel around Bangkok and other provinces with convenience and ease.

Thailand is reported to be unaffected by the protests. And during the 60 days, all hotels, shops and shopping malls throughout Thailand were kept open as usual and can be easily accessed through BTS Skytrain or MRT subway. 

Thailand is a popular tourist destination country abounding with plenty of tourist attractions. Every year, millions of visitors travel to Thailand to experience a unique culture, appreciate natural beauties and also join in interesting activities and celebrations. 

Songkran festival, one of the most popular celebrations in Thailand, will be held on 13-15 April 2014 throughout Thailand, and hospitable Thai people are ready to greet travelers from all over the world to join in the interesting "water fight".

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