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Patara Elephant Farm

The Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai is real, harmonious elephant sanctuary. It is not for those who want to see elephant shows but a place to create trust and relationship between you and elephants. What you harvest is the hands-on experience of being an "elephant owner" and a richer understanding of the emotions and intelligence of elephants.

With the conservation philosopher of "extinction is forever", the Patra Elephant Farm offers the chance for visitors to experience the beautiful animal that should be treasured. During the visit you are trained to approach your elephant correctly, know the elephant's temperament, feed and check its health, learn how to take care of your own elephant, how to ride on its neck and communicate through different spoken commands. And the real fun comes when you get to go trekking with your elephants through the beautiful forests, into streams, and to a beautiful waterfall where you bathe and brush it. The "Elephant owner for a day" must be your fantastic memorable day, and sure is one of your highlights of your Thailand tour.

Tips: Don't forget to bring a swimsuit and some water shoes. Flip flops are definitely not recommended. 

There are also other tourist attractions in Chiang Mai, such as Anusawari Sam Kasat (Three Kings Monument), Wat Phra Singh. But if the Patara Elphant Farm has whetted your appetite, contact us to tailor-make a tour to meet your specific needs.