The Wat Phra Singh is the most visited temple in Chiang Mai. It is noted for the most revered Buddha image in the city - the Phra Singh, which gave the temple the name when it was brought to the temple from India in 1367.

The Wat Phra Singh was first constructed in 1345 when a chedi (stupa) was built to house the ashes of King Kham Fu. The main attraction of the temple complex is the Wihan Lai Kham housing the Phra Buddha statue, which is a prime example of Lanna architecture with its remarkable murals depicting ancient costumes and folklores. But the Wat Phra Singh is more than just the Phra Singh statue. It also has several other buildings such as a temple library that is one of the most beautiful ones of its kind in Thailand, an ubosot built in 1806 containing a south entrance for monks and a north entrance for nuns and a replica of Emerald Buddha.

Tips: The best time to visit the Wat Phra Singh is around 5 pm as the monks come into the temple to chant. In addition, the temple is also a major venue for the celebration of the Songkran Festival (Thailand Water Festival) in April.

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