Being just the name of a minority village, Cat Cat Village officially has nothing to do with cats. Within a walking distance of three kilometers from Sapa Town, it's an age-old village that dwelling mostly the Mong minority of Vietnam. Like anywhere in this area, the road leading to the village is an easy and interesting route for trekking. Formed in 19 century, the village has distinctive customs and well preserved practices which have been lost in almost ethnic villages.

In addition to picturesque idyllic sceneries, visitors can see young women working on by looms colorful pieces of brocade with delicate decorative designs on it. Brocade fabrics are dyed by plants and leaves to make it more durable, which makes this traditional handicraft environment-friendly and famous. Manipulating gold and silver jewelry is also dexterously practiced by the villagers, whose products are fairly sophisticated. There's one custom that some visitors may find it hard to accept - the 'pulling wife'. A man can keep a girl he loves in his house for three days. After that, if the girl also falls for the man, a wedding ceremony will be held right away; but if not, the girl can simply go home without any hurt or harm.

If you're on the look of something else, Silver Waterfall and Sapa Church are on the list of recommended sites. Fancy a glimpse of the daily life of local ethnic people? Tailor-make a happy tour to this charming village for free!

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