Vietnam travel is pretty comfortable and easy nowadays. There is a wide range of choices as to getting around in Vietnam by flights, public transportations and private transportations. Indochina Odyssey Tours summaries the major transportation we use to make your Vitenam tours easier. 

Getting to Vietnam 

By flight

Ranked behind Thailand, Vietnam is the second largest point which flights via most amongst countries of Indochina. Three international airports are built at Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang respectively, with the first two airports handling the most international flights in total. 

Traveling between the five tourist countries of Indochina (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia) has never been so simple and easy since they are well connected with planes. Besides, a 18-Day Vietnam & China Discovery Tour strings the two countries up, giving you the best experience of Asia. 

Indochina Odyssey Tours help arrange flights for those taking our tour service or wanting a flight ticket to the next destination. 

By Train

It’s convenient traveling from China to Vietnam by the Beijing-Nanning-Hanoi through train, which departs from Beijing on every Monday and Friday and arrives in Hanoi on Wednesday and Sunday. There are no rail links to Cambodia or Laos.

By Bus

From Nanning in China there is a long distance bus running to Hanoi each day, the drive of which takes roughly eight hours. 

Getting Around Vietnam 

By Flight 

Domestic flights are cheap enough to consider when it comes to getting around between cities in Vietnam. The network continues to evolve, which saves your days’ worth of travel to let you spend more time on sightseeing rather than commute. For the moment, Vietnam Airlines and Air Mekong are the only two domestic airlines. International brands like Jetstar, Air Asia, Bangkok Airways and the like are also available. 

Indochina Odyssey Tours uses Vietnam Airlines for domestic flights; other economic international flights also can be arranged upon request. After booking, our travel consultant will send you the e-tickets and files that you might need during your Vietnam tours; please bring them along when you set out.  

By Train

The cheap and powerful rail service fits right in some traveler’s budget but certainly not for those who seek comfortable transportation. For tourists cities locate close, such as from Danang to Hoi An, we have 9-seat, air-con vans to offer, with experienced driver and ice box for you to break from the heat. Check out more details about our private tour guide and driver.

By Taxi

Seldom taxi drivers speak English so be very prepared to get lost in your conversations. A map of your hotel and tourist spots written in Vietnamese shall help. 

By Auto Rickshaw 

Auto rickshaw, also known as tuk-tuk, is a common mean of public transportation in Vietnam. It’s generally for visitors to do city tours for a real taste of Vietnam, which gives them a close up view of the narrow old city streets like the Old Quarter in Hanoi. 

As for other means of transportation, we offer options of trishaw, bicycle, motorcycle and vespa, as well as ox-cart in some remote villages when visiting Mekong Delta attractions.  Contact us for a tailor-made Indochina tour!

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