Chiang Rai Travel Guide

Chiang Rai Travel Guide

Chiang Rai is the capital of Chiang Rai Province located in the northernmost of Thailand. This mountainous region is dotted with jungles, waterfalls, hot springs, and hill tribe villages. Compared to its larger, more popular sister city Chiang Mai, this laid-back destination has a more relaxing and down-to-earth feel. Also, it is home to an incredible number of temples like the eye-popping White Temple. Besides that, Chiang Rai is close to the Golden Triangle border of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, which can serve as an excellent base for exploration there; don't forget to go shopping at the Mae Sai Market.

Visitors to northern Thailand often overlook this small city of Chiang Rai. In fact, it remains a peaceful provincial town, offering a surprising number of things to see and do. As there is just a three-hour bus ride from Chiang Mai, it's possible to get there for an excursion. This amazing place deserves to be included on your itinerary.

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Wat Rong Khun is quite different from the traditional temples of Thailand. It is a modern temple built in the late 20th century, in 1997, by a local artist called Chalermchai Kositpipat. The temple is in the Lanna style with more delicate details but a very bold color scheme. It is a predominantly white building with a large amount of silver chosen for decoration. This is the reason why it is also called the White Temple. When the time closes to sunset, the shining silver temple with a touch of orange, sits quietly and elegantly by the water’s edge, with a touch of the Thai Taj Mahal.

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