Phnom Penh Travel Guide

Phnom Penh Travel Guide

Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, is an eye-catching Asian city with vitality. This riverside city exudes charm with much to see, such as the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, National Park, and so on. Home to Cambodia's royal residence, Royal Palace offers an insight into Cambodia's past and present. The National Museum is regarded as the finest collection of Khmer sculptures.

Maybe this city is not as brilliant as Siem Reap, the gateway to the world-renowned Angkor Wat, yet you'll feel something special gradually. Come here, you may be impressed by the tree-lined boulevards, French colonial buildings, and saffron robes of the monks that refresh this city built on ruins. Here you may also fall in love with the intriguing markets, charming cafes, and bustling night markets. Along the river, a waterfront stroll, entertainers, and food hawkers will purify your mind. It's a worthwhile destination for you to explore.

Top Attractions in Phnom Penh

National Museum

Next to the Royal Palace is Cambodia's largest museum of cultural history, the National Museum which houses the largest collections of Khmer art in the world.

Built-in 1917 by the French in a Khmer style around a courtyard, the museum is rust-red like a red agate placed on the land. More than 5,000 items are on display including Angkorian-era statues, lingas, and other artifacts, amongst which the most notable is the original of the Leper King, whose replica is placed in the Terrace of the Leper King in Siem Reap, where it was first discovered.

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  • Royal Palace

    The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh was built more than a century ago in 1866, the period of absence when Cambodia fell into turmoil during and after the reign of the Red Khmers.

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  • Independence Monument

    The Independence Monument in Phnom Penh was built in 1958 in celebration of Cambodia's liberation from France in 1953. Take a 10-minute walk behind the Royal Palace, you can easily reach the monument. 

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  • Wat Phnom

    Erected in1373, Wat Phnom was used to house four Buddha statues, which were allegedly discovered by an old wealthy lady named Penh who then constructed a small shrine on the site to protect the statues.

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  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

    Tuol Sleng is a former high school that was renamed by the Khmer Rouge in 1976 and used as the notorious Security Prison 21 (known as S-21) to torture, interrogate and execute political prisoners, making it a place where people go in but never come out.

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  • Russian Market

    Russian Market is the most popular market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The name derived from its popularity amongst Russian expatriates in the 1980s, a time when many of Moscow's Cold War goods were stocked here.

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