Hue Travel Guide

Hue Travel Guide

Hue is Vietnam's former imperial city, sitting quietly on the banks of the picturesque Perfume River in central Vietnam. Hue is packed with palaces, pagodas, tombs, and temples. So a visit to this historic city during your Vietnam tour will help you gain insights into the lives of the Nguyen royal family, who ruled the country from 1802 to 1945.

A good place to start is the Citadel which houses the Forbidden Purple City. Besides, be sure to admire the elaborate imperial tombs scattered along the Perfume River, such as Tu Duc, Minh Mang, and Khai Dinh. For a glimpse into the lives of the local population, head to the Dong Ba Market brimming with stalls and shops selling everything from conical hats, footwear, and potteries to fast food.

As you explore the city, remember to sample some of Hue's fabulous food for it takes pride in having created two-thirds of Vietnam's culinary specialties. Famous dishes include bun bo (beef noodles), banh loc goi (steamed dumpling stuffed with shrimp or pork), nem lui (lemongrass skewer), and va tron salad (fig salad), which you can easily find in local restaurants.

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Top Attractions in Hue

Perfume River

Flowing across the city of Hue, the Perfume River is famed for the perfume-like aroma exuded by the petals that fall into it. It's touted that a visit to Hue would not be complete without a boat excursion on the gentle Perfume River. It's physically true though, to feel the romance of Hue, taking a boat trip of it is indispensable.

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  • Dong Ba Market

    Everyone wants to have a glimpse of the lifestyle of locals when he travels. While you are in Hue, don't miss one of the romantic symbols of this city, the Dong Ba Market. Near the eastern corner of the Imperial Citadel and on the north bank of the serene Perfume River, the market was the largest-sized one in the past and remains its role till now.

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  • Forbidden Purple City

    The Forbidden Purple City found in the early 19th century in Hue, Vietnam is a living history that's worth a visit. Advised by Fengshui experts, the then emperor ordered the construction of the city meant to resemble the Forbidden City of Beijing for personal use.

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  • Thien Mu Pagoda

    Locating a few miles southwest of central Hue, Thien Mu Pagoda is one of the oldest and prettiest religious buildings in the country pagoda built in Vietnam. The ancient site has a legend behind it: people living in this area used to see an old lady appearing on the hill where the pagoda now stands.

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  • King Minh Mang Tomb

    Since Hue was once the capital of Vietnam, mausoleums of emperors have become the symbols of this imperial city. Among the most famous ones are the Royal Tomb of King Minh Mang on the west bank of Perfume River and about 12kilomters south of Hue City center.

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