Sapa Travel Guide

Sapa Travel Guide

Set amid the misty mountains in the northwest of Vietnam, the idyllic town of Sapa is where spectacular rice terraces meet welcoming hill tribes.

In the center of the town, you'll find the lovely Sapa Church (Holy Rosary Church), built by the French in the early 20th century. It is unique due to its simple design and there are stained glass windows of different saints on each side of the church. The Cat Cat Village, just about half an hour's walk from the town, is probably where you should go if you are interested in the Hmong minority and their culture or want to hike to soak up the splendid views of rice terraces. Besides, there's the Silver Waterfall just 15 kilometers away from the town, where you have the chance to take really great photos though you'll need to take a short steep walk to get the best views.

In short, Sapa is worth your stay on a Vietnam tour to revel in its natural beauty and tribal culture.

Top Attractions in Sapa


A village located in southwestern Vietnam that not only boasts beautiful scenery but also a cute name that reminds one of the most adorable creatures in the world. One of the reasons may be the pronunciation of the ethnic of Mong, which is very close to the sound of a cat. It is a mountain-surrounded village with a great Cat Cat Fall that brings the water that drives the huge water wheel close to their unique wooden buildings, where you can board to view the green terraces of corn and ripe, the best ingredients of the special corn wine.

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    Pouring down from a hundred high of Lo Sui Tong mountain peak with a jade green backdrop of trees and rocks, finally landing on the grand with the pure white foam skirt hem, no wonder one of the most charming waterfalls in Vietnam.

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    It is a stone church with white walls decorated with stained glass paintings on the windows, which is also known as the Stone Church or the Church of Holy Rosary because of its red roof. There is also a delicate garden in the churchyard, where you can stroll with the holy psalm from the church.

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