Yangon Travel Guide

Yangon Travel Guide

The days were gone when Yangon was the capital of Myanmar, yet it's still an extremely appealing city. Yangon boasts the largest number of colonial buildings in Southeast Asia with a mix of previous British architecture, distinctive local villas and modern high-rises. You may marvel at this city with rich vegetation, and walk along the streets surrounded by abundant trees, grasslands and flowers just like a garden.

Many travelers visit Yangon for the Shwedagon Pagoda, a hugely shimmering Buddhist temple complex that draws thousands of pilgrims annually, and it's at its best when lit up at night. Another notable religious site is Sule Pagoda, whose dome structure is topped with a gold spire extending into the skyline. Beyond these, why not experience some local culture? Having a traditional Shan breakfast buffet and Mohinga, enjoying a sunset view at Botahtaung harbor, or taking a stroll along Inya Lake seems to be a good choice. Surely, it's a city that fascinates you in more ways than you can expect.

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"A golden mystery upheaved itself on the horizon, a beautiful winking wonder that blazed in the sun," Rudyard Kipling describes Shwedagon Pagoda in his book. The Shwedagon Pagoda is a holy Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar, you can feel the divine atmosphere and pray to the buddha, falling into the culture of Buddhism and escaping annoying city life for a while. After overwatch the city for more than 2500 years, it would certainly grab your sight no matter where you are in the city. In the morning, the gentle light is suitable for taking pictures here. Late at night, seeing the ancient monument merge into the city’s skyline would be another great scene. You can also visit another scene like Kandawgyi Lake which is close to the Shwedagon Pagoda. Try to include it in your custom trip plan and enjoy your nice vacation in Yangon.

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    Sule Pagoda hides in this city like a great hermit. This golden stupa stands in the heart of Yangon. It is surprising to find such a hall at the end of a Yangon walking tour. The Sule Pagoda is also a rallying point for revolutions, you may feel the spiritual and revolutionary conflict here. Or, you can just hang around for a short meditation.

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    Kandawgyi Lake was said to be created to provide clean water to the Shwedagon Pagoda. The lake seems to have a silver surface at dawn, while the golden reflection of the pagoda appears during the sunset. You may take a leisure walk around the lake, have a rest in the garden, or enjoy an entertainment event at Kandawgyi Palace nearby.

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    If you are interested in something significant, Chaukhyatgyi Buddha Temple will surely meet your curiosity. Chaukhyatgyi Buddha is one of the largest Buddha statues in South East Asia. The Buddha is gazing at you peacefully from the top, making the atmosphere spiritual. Wandering around the temple, you can also soak yourself in many splendid artworks.

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