Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2023
Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2023
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Cambodia Tours

Private & Tailor-Made | Discover Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, & More

Why Travel to Cambodia?

Angkor Wat can be the top highlight of any Cambodia tour or Southeast Asia holiday. Famed as the Mother of All Temples, it has won over endless fans with its mysterious Khmer Smile. Cambodia, however, is so much more than this. Phnom Penh's rich history and culture, Battambang's delicious cuisine, Koh Rong Island's relaxing beaches, and the genuine warmth and positivity of the Khmer people... are all worth experiencing. If you want to explore more of Southeast Asia, you can easily combine your Cambodia holiday with a trip to neighboring Vietnam or Thailand. Please view our following sample Cambodia itineraries. Or, simply send us an inquiry to customize your Cambodia vacation.

    CAPITAL Phnom Penh
    CURRENCY Cambodian riel
    LANGUAGE Khmer

Top Cambodia Tours in 2024 & 2025

Listed below are our top-selling Cambodia tour packages. Send us an inquiry, and one of our travel specialists will assist you in arranging a personalized, individualized trip to Cambodia tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Southeast Asia Tours including Cambodia

The following well-designed itineraries will make the most out of your holiday by combining Cambodia with more Southeast Asian countries.

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Why Private Tour

  • Travel with More Flexibility
    Travel with More Flexibility
    One of the best parts of a custom private tour is the flexibility it provides. The client comes first and the service is tailored to their specific needs. You may relax and enjoy your trip since everything will be handled. Tell your guide if there's anything you'd rather spend more time on or completely skip, and they'll do their best to meet your wishes.
  • Stay and Eat as You Wish
    Stay and Eat as You Wish
    If you're on a private tour, you get to call all the shots on where to stay and what to eat. To ensure you have the best possible vacation, our local travel experts have carefully chosen a variety of hotels that have been chosen for their excellent style, desired location, and exceptional service. All of our visitors will also get the chance to dine at local restaurants, giving them a taste of the cuisine that the locals enjoy on a daily basis.
  • Private Guide & Transfer
    Private Guide & Transfer
    At each stop of our private tour, you will have a personal local guide who is very knowledgeable about the area and a private air-conditioned vehicle that is exclusively for you and your traveling partner. That means you don't need to share with others, and it will give you the greatest amount of leeway to choose how you want to spend your vacation.

Top Places to Visit in Cambodia

Siem Reap

As the location of Angkor Wat, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Siem Reap is a must-visit stop for anyone planning a trip to Cambodia. By visiting the UNESCO-listed Angkor Wat, which was built in the 12th century, you can get a glimpse into ancient Khmer civilization. In the Bayon Temple, you can find over 200 giant smiling stone faces, which were dubbed the "Mona Lisa of Southeast Asia" by some. Besides, the temples of Ta Prohm, Phnom Bakheng, and Banteay Kdei are also worth visiting as each of them has a unique charm.

  • Phnom Penh

    The capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, is the beating center of Cambodia, located on the banks of the Mekong River where it meets the Tonle Sap. Here you may see the Silver Pagoda and Royal Palace, two of the city's most impressive structures.

  • Tonle Sap Lake

    The Tonle Sap Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in all Southeast Asia. Most of the people living in the Tonle Sap area rely on fishing and farming for a livelihood. Visiting the floating communities dotting the lake, you can see how the locals live.

  • Battambang

    Battambang has a variety of boutique hotels, eccentric cafés, and inventive eateries, and its beautiful rural surroundings are perfect for day trips. If you seek a culinary excursion in Cambodia, Battambang is an ideal choice.

  • Sihanoukville

    The coastal town is well-known for being home to some of Cambodia's most beautiful beaches. Here, you may enjoy a relaxing beach vacation, complete with a spotless atmosphere, and delectable meals.

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